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One of the challenges that come with landscaping is easy plant maintenance. Not many people know the tricks to making it easy, which is why the Lakeland Landscaping professionals are always willing to step in and provide assistance. There is no doubt that at one point during the process of gardening, you will need professional advice. Here are some tips on what kinds of plant you should use if you want easy-maintenance gardens:

Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree

This tree has purple leaves, which create a smoky and beautiful appearance. They grow well in summer, and enrich the soil with organic matter. They need enough sunlight, water, and little care.

Jules Verne Peony

These perennial plants have amazing fragrance and pink flowers. Of course, you would want to add these to your garden because of the fragrance and appearance. Moreover, they grow well in autumn and spring. You may need to mulch them in spring, but with full sun and enough water, they grow well.

Grey Owl Juniper

This conifer plant is amazing. The foliage on it turns purple during winter, which makes it look very mysterious and attractive. It doesn’t need too much care or attention, as long as it gets regular water and enough sunlight. However, you must not allow salt get to it. You can always get more tips on how to manage this plant from the Lakeland Landscaping experts.

Winter King Hawthorn

This is a deciduous small tree; if you want to add trees to your garden design, then this is a great choice. Nevertheless, you can always consult with the Lakeland Landscaping professionals; the professionals have experience and knowledge in dealing with similar trees. This one offers great aesthetic appeal, also providing you the perfect shade.

Variegated Ribbon Grass

Many call this the "Strawberry and Cream" plant. It grows with thin stripped leaves, and is variegated green and white. In wetland settings, it grows aggressively and is great as a perennial grass. You can always ask the Lakeland Landscaping experts for other similar kinds of grass to fill up the space in your garden.

Thornless Common Honey locust

This bright golden/yellow-green plant looks like ferns. It doesn’t need much attention and looks breathtakingly beautiful in sunlight. You will have to mulch them in spring though. 

Burgundy Carousel Japanese Barberry

If you want to add a punch of color to your garden, then the Burgundy Carousel is the Ideal choice. They look beautiful, especially with a green contrasting background. They have deep purple leaves, and the flowers are yellow. However, the flowers only come up during spring. The need very little care, as long as there is enough sunlight, fertilizer, and water. Give it that; and they grow amazingly well.

If you want a variety of Burgundy colored plants, feel free to consult the Lakeland Landscaping professionals.

Elijah Blue Fescue

These are ornamental grass with blue-gray foliage. They look great and can grow very easily. You won’t have to worry about keeping them alive or providing special conditions for them to grow. They look amazing on gravel and along stone pathways. In fact, there are several other ornamental plants that you can use, so feel free to consult the Lakeland Landscaping experts.