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There’s no doubt that landscaping pavers & walkways add more richness and class to the overall look of your garden or lawn. Although pools, plant selections, patio designs, and the kinds of flowerpots and lightings you use also matter, walkways and pavers are a bigger part of your landscaping. These landscape structures enable you to connect different spaces in your yard. If you ignore them, then your landscape will look disconnected and inharmonious.

Experts say that landscaping pavers & walkways have the power to create a specific mood by influencing the atmosphere. Therefore, you have to decide what kind of feeling you want to create – will it be an informal one or a formal one? Based on this decision, you will be able to make other important decisions about what kind of decorative accessories you should use. You also have to consider what kind of traffic will use the landscaping pavers & walkways and the safety of the people using it.

The width of the pavers and walkways is also important because this governs how much traffic it can accommodate, the materials you can use to make them, way finding and lighting to use (lanterns or lampposts), the shape and the gravel to use. After deciding these aspects, the following tips will help you with the rest of the process:

Use Plants along the Pathway

Plants between pavers and stepping-stones soften the feeling that one gets while walking there. When you select the ground cover, walk on it to see how it feels. Choose plants that will not grow tall and make sure that they grow well in that particular climate. Here are some recommendations - dwarf mondo grass, Irish moss, elfin thyme, baby tears, turf grass, and creeping thyme.

Create a Passage

Experts say that landscaping pavers & walkways guide the eyes, so use your pavers and walkways to guide people to attention grabbing features of your garden. Make them want to slow down to get pleasure from the scenery you create using lighting, attractive plants, and flowerpots, or other accessories.

Curves Create Visual Interest

Curved landscaping pavers & walkways are more enticing and interesting than plain straight ones. They also offer you more opportunities to flaunt interesting plants and variety by creating a sense of mystery.

Use a Weed Barrier

Some experts recommend installing two layers of landscape fabric between the four-inch gravel and base of the path. This serves as a weed barrier so that it doesn’t allow weed to grow in the middle of the pathway.

Use a Variety of Pathway Materials

Mixing the materials used in making the landscaping pavers & walkways is a great way to create eclectic pathways. Be casual about the stones and bricks you use, and explore the cottage style in your garden. Some recommendations are rebar reinforcement, wood, and stone. Play with the colors to create an appealing visual effect.

Of course, you will need to consult professionals while you work on your garden, but these tips can help you create a clear image of how you’d want your landscaping pavers & walkways to be like.