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To add a stylish yet primitively natural touch to your landscape, you can use stones of all sizes in the most creative ways. At Lakeland Landscaping, the professionals are always willing to assist you with your landscaping project. If you have started your landscaping project, but are finding it difficult to complete, then these experts can help you out.

Following are some great ideas as to how you can use stone  to enhance the overall look of your landscape:

Fire Place

Create a fireplace using stones. This will offer your family, friends, and you a comfortable spot to sit late in the night without catching a cold.

Fieldstone Path

You can use stones to make them wind along a curvy path, in a shady moss garden. This creates an almost fairytale like land effect and serves very well to create a beautiful path in your garden.

Striking Steps

Stone steps mixed with patterns can create a very strong focal point in your garden. It can enhance the character of the plants and increase visual appeal along the path. Lakeland Landscaping professionals can easily assist you with this idea.

Boulder Curb Appeal

Using stones along the pavement or placing a boulder can increase curbside appeal of your garden. Besides, it offers other plants something to lean on to and grow around, which adds a natural touch to your landscape. Moreover, this can be a very budget friendly way of adding structures to your garden.

Gravel to Replace the Lawn

There is no fixed rule that says a garden must have a lawn. You can use gravel to replace the lawn and work as a carpet cover along the pavements and pathways. Gravel offers unique benefits. It doesn’t allow mud and excess water affect you while you walk. It also keeps the ground moist for longer, which is good for some plant species.

Stone-age Entry Style

You can use a combination of large boulders and gravel at the entrance of your garden to create a stone-age effect. Along with the stones, plant some interesting green plants. This can create very natural and attractive scenery for people entering your garden and instantly change their mood into a pleasant and relaxed one.

Optical Illusion Effect

You can use glossy stones to pave the walkway. With colorful plants, the stones can look like a watery pathway because of the optical illusion effect they create. This is a unique and exciting idea for your garden design. The experts at Lakeland Landscaping can assist by providing the right kind of stones for this purpose.

Anchor the Living Wall

A stone walkway or gravel pathway can help you create a smooth support for your living wall. Plants like ferns, coral-bells, elephant ears, and similar plants need a strong support, and gravels and stones work excellently for this.

Connect Raised Flower Beds

Connection is very important for garden design. Using gravel and stones to connect raised flowerbeds is also a great idea. It makes the garden look more presentable and adds a touch of sequence.

You can always call the Lakeland Landscaping professionals for assistance for making any of these ideas a reality.