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Outdoor landscaping has the potential for an aesthetic that can truly make your home. There are a lot of creative and great landscape themes out there for you to take inspiration from. In this article, we focus on three of those, and possible variations on the themes.

1)  Fire Pit

What can liven up a party or gathering like a fire? The answer is nothing. It’s an especially good Lakeland, FL landscaping idea, considering that the nights can get pretty cold. The effect of a blazing fire outdoors can be a brilliant one, and if you host a lot of parties, this could be a welcome addition to your patio. Of course, your pit will also depend on the kind of home you have. If you’re building a pit outside your residential home, you might be more than satisfied with a built-in limestone fire pit. On the other hand, if you’re looking to spruce up your vacation home, you might go all out and get a fancier pit.

A certain amount of planning is necessary when building a fire pit. Decide what kind of pit you want in terms of material and complexity. Pits can be constructed from a wide range of materials, from bluestone to marble. They can also be designed in a great many contemporary and traditional styles. Once you’ve decided on your pit, you’ll have to have the foundation built, then the outer wall with whatever material you’ve chosen, and finally, the inner fire brick wall. The finishing is usually provided by stove paint.

Fire pits can be a day’s DIY project. However, it’s always better to go with Lakeland, FL landscape professionals in order to ensure you have the perfect look down.

2)  Waterfalls

Water features like waterfalls can add a really unique and dramatic element to your backyard. The sound of water makes for a soothing experience, and it’s visually extremely appealing to the eye. Again, waterfalls can be built in a variety of styles and way. It’s always cooler to incorporate the natural elements of your outdoor surroundings into the waterfall, and indeed, that’s how most homeowners like it. The versatility of design is astonishing – you could integrate a miniature waterfall with a pond, or add a small waterfall to a corner of your swimming pool. It really depends on your own tastes.

Two basic structures are crucial to building a waterfall: the pool that the water will fall into, and the structure for the waterfall itself. If you’re going to build the waterfall yourself, you’ll need the right materials and tools, including rocks, a rigid pond liner and a submersible pump. The level of difficulty involved here is somewhat higher than that of building a fire pit, and so it’s advisable to use a Lakeland, FL landscape service.

3)  Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are excellent for entertaining guests, and give your home a gorgeous look. Again, the variety of styles possible with this is breath-taking. You could go with a tropical bar design or a more traditional look, depending on your preferences. Consult your Lakeland, FL landscape professional in order to decide what look would be best for your home.